100% Natural Bamboo Steamer Basket - with Bonus Reusable Cotton Liners

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  • Includes 2 pieces of reusable, size-fitting cotton liners. Eco-friendly alternative to paper liners.
  • Great for Dim Sum, Dumpling, Veggies and More! Healthy cooking a great variety of foods: vegetables, meats and fish. Cuts down fats and grease.
  • Doomed lid traps steam for quick cooking while sealing in food's moisture and nutrients. Easy to use over a sauce pan, stockpot or inside a wok.
  • 2 stackable baskets made of 100% natural bamboo; contains no metal, wires or plastic.
  • High quality eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo ensures great durability.

Rinse and brush with warm water and air dry. Avoid using soap. Store in a well ventilated location. Food should not be placed directly in the bamboo steamer without a plate (if the food is marinated, such as fish and meat) or parchment liner (if food is dry, such as buns and dumplings). Large vegetable leaves such as lettuce can also be used in place of paper liner. Allow at least 1 inch space between the sides of the plate and the sides of the steamer.