Honey Mason Jar with Bamboo Dipper - 16oz

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  • Durable clear glass mason jar with cool retro design. 16 oz capacity.
  • Built-in bamboo honey dipper.
  • Keep honey fresh and within easy reach for sweetening tea, spreading on biscuits and more.
  • Stylish design is great for cooking in your kitchen or serving at your table.
  • Dipper made of 100% sustainably grown bamboo.

Zoie + Chloe's Honey Mason Jar is an attractive way to store and display honey. Keep honey within easy reach to sweeten tea, place on toast, biscuits and more. A beautiful bamboo kitchen accessory to decorate your countertop.

The benefits of using bamboo are numerous. As a member of the grass family, not a tree, bamboo grows at a much quicker rate than any other wood. From start to harvest (60-70 feet tall) it can take just four years. Bamboo is also 16% stronger than maple and 33% lighter than oak, and has natural antiseptic properties. All these unique characters of bamboo makes it the perfect substitute for wood products in home.

Zoie + Chloe's Honey Mason Jar is super easy to take care of. Simply clean with warm soapy water or a damp cloth.