Tortilla Warmer 12-Inch - Tortilla, Pita, Wrap, Naan, Pancake, Quesadillas, Flat Bread

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  • Spacious 12-inch design allows for warming of up to 15 tortillas at a time.
  • Cloth fabric warming pouch allows for slow release of moisture for most delicious results.
  • Keeps tortillas and all kinds of flatbread heated for up to an hour. Even works for waffles and pancakes!
  • Microwave safe.
  • Wash by hand or machine: simply invert, wash, and let air dry.

Heat up and serve your tortillas with this 12" Tortilla Warmer from Zoie + Chloe. You'll love this handy microwaveable pouch. Simply load the tortillas into the warmer, then place the unit in the microwave for approximately 60 seconds, which heats the tortillas to perfection and allows them to remain hot for up to an hour. Works on all kinds of bread including tortillas, pitas, wraps, naans, quesadillas, burritos, flatbread; even waffles and pancakes.